Good idea to join Microsoft Accelerator?

I keep getting this question – How was Microsoft accelerator and is it a good idea to apply/join.
Straight forward Answer – Why on earth would you worry when you have nothing to lose? Apart from a unique platform and Microsoft brand name, the program provides start-ups with access to all their portfolio companies. Having said that you get an edge due to the global reach of the program since it is active in 8 countries.

On a softer side, it takes absolutely 0% (ZERO) equity and provides you free food and accommodation for 4 months! So I guess it’s a win-win situation and can do wonders for your start-up.

Traditional Answer – Microsoft accelerator is a great place to be, especially if you are at an infant stage like us (Yes, we were at infant stage when we joined the program with our product idea that revolves around a plug and play growth hacking toolkit for mobile Apps idea.
During 2nd week of the program, it runs a “Customer development week” during which you have to reach out to at least 50-100 customers and take their opinion/feedback about your product. This week would instil faith in your product, since one realises what exactly they are building and what exactly they need to build. You’ll have mentors from other parts of the world. For batch 4, we had Hanan from Israel Microsoft Accelerator.
You would also be exposed to various sessions and talks and the fun bit that included parties, and offsites that would further provide a meet industry leaders. Moreover the program has a partner meet-up where leading CIO’s & CTO’s of various companies are matched with start-ups of their niche.
Last but not least, Microsoft Accelerator is the place where most of the start-up events and hackathons happen. If you’re serious about learning things from fellow entrepreneurs in eco-system, you shouldn’t scroll down. Just go and apply.